Hands-On Car Detailing Training & Certification

Day #2 of Nick Vacco’s Car Detailing Training Seminar is all about Hands-On! Our Certified Detailing Trainers will teach the students the proper methods and procedures to remove swirls, scratches and other imperfections that can be removed in the vehicles paint. We train how to perform paint correction and paint enhancement using Rupes BigFoot Polishers, Pads, Compounds, Polishes. Our training facility is fully equipped with Detail King products that are some of the very best in the industry. After the paint correction training has been completed the students next will learn how to prepare the surfaces for the Ceramic Coatings. With the direction of the trainers the students will apply Ceramic Coatings to the paint, glass, trim, wheels, tires, carpet, vinyl, and leather.

Being trained through the Detail King Car Detailing Training Seminar Center will open new doors for you to be able to offer very profitable Car Detailing & Coating services to your customer base. The typical car wax or polish will only protect the vehicle’s paint for up to 6 months. Ceramic Coatings will protect up to 7 years depending on the Ceramic Coating that you offer your customers. The “buy cycle” today is now 7 years, what this means is that the average car buyer is holding onto their vehicle for up to 7 years! Banks are even offering financing for up to 84 months. Appearance maintenance is just as important as mechanical maintenance today. Ten Tips for Starting a Car Detailing Business by Nick Vacco.

Offering profitable and professional car detailing services to your customer base really puts your car detailing business in the fast lane and separates your business from the competition. At least half of Day #2 at the Detail King Car Detailing Training Seminar Center will be dedicated to hands-on paint correction. The second part of the day the student will be taught how to apply Ceramic Coatings to the vehicle’s various surfaces and using Jade Ceramic Coating Products.

Day #2

The Hands-On Detailing and Ceramic Coating Application Training Will Include:

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  • Precautions to take
  • Chemicals to use
  • Brushes to use
  • Pressure washer usage
  • Blow drying engine compartment
  • Engine dressing procedure
  • Applying bug remover product
  • Areas of vehicle that collects bugs
  • Tools to remove bug splatters
  • Applying tar remover product
  • Tools to remove tar overspray
  • Precautions to take
  • Applying various wheel cleaner
  • Precautions to take
  • Various brushes used to clean wheels and drums
  • Applying tire cleaner
  • Brushes to clean blackwalls, whitewalls
  • Cleaning of carpeted wheel wells
  • Cleaning of wheel lips, splash guards
  • Rinse surfaces
  • Apply carwash shampoo w/foam cannon
  • Various soft brushes and carwash mitts
  • Procedure to wash surfaces and trim
  • Spot free rinse
  • Look for dents, dings, wheel damage, missing items
  • Take pictures of any of the above
  • Text pics to customer before you start the detail
  • Look for any interior damage, take pictures
  • Apply clay bar lubricant
  • Use clay bar or AutoScrub pad to remove fallout
  • Use plastic bag test to determine effectiveness
  • Use blow dryer & microfiber drying towels
  • Blow out cracks and crevices
  • Dry door jambs, wheels, glass
  • Apply safe release painters’ tape to protect trim
  • Mask off exposed weather stripping
  • Determine paint gloss condition
  • Look for scratches, swirls, water spots
  • Wet sand / Dry sand scratches that can be removed
  • Determine compound choices
  • Determine wool & foam pads
  • Determine DA or Rotary polisher or both
  • Determine level of compound to use
  • Begin leveling imperfections and swirls
  • Clean pad after each panel
  • Determine level of polish to use
  • Begin polishing all panels
  • Polish panels to instill gloss
  • Clean pad after each panel
  • Apply Jade ceramic coating to painted surfaces
  • Apply Jade ceramic glass coating to glass after cleaning
  • Appy Jade ceramic coating to wheels
  • Apply Jade UV leather & vinyl protectant to interior
  • Apply Jade fabric protection to upholstery & carpets
  • Apply Jade Edge to exterior vinyl trim
  • Apply Jade acrylic tire coating to tires
  • Look for polish in cracks and crevices
  • Look for fingerprints on paint
  • Look for smears on glass and mirrors
  • Check wheels and tires for gloss
  • Check chrome for smears and shine
  • Walk customer around vehicle
  • Show your work both exterior & interior
  • Take picture of customer next to vehicle with thumbs up!
  • Square up with customer
  • Ask customer to submit a review
  • Text customer thank you message w/review link
  • Hand customer 5 business cards
  • Call customer in 2 days ask for referral

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Auto Detailing Services

The registration fee for the 2 Day Technician Car Detailing Training Seminar is $995, we now offer interest free financing. We limit the class size to 12 students, typically the hands-on class on Sunday will have 3 to 4 trainers teaching the students paint correction and the application of Ceramic Coating products. There will be a continental breakfast served each morning, hot lunch, refreshments, and bottles of water available each day of training.

If you are looking to offer Professional Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating services to your customers, it’s imperative that you learn the proper procedures necessary, so you are doing the steps in the correct order and saving labor time. Now is the time to enroll in one of Nick Vacco’s Detail King Car Detailing Training Center Seminars. We have limited space available, so be sure to register early to guarantee your seat! Please contact Nick (412-287-8738) or (949-295-7446) if you have any questions about the seminar or to register.

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Optional Interior Cleaning / Detailing Training

As a bonus to the 2 Day training program, we are offering a 4-hour Hands on Interior Cleaning & Detailing training class the following Monday after the Hands On Training Class. The class will start at 9AM and go until 1PM. We will teach the student the methods and procedures to professionally clean and detail a vehicle interior for Profit! The cost of the Interior Cleaning & Detailing is only $249 and that includes a continental breakfast Monday morning. The training steps will include the following instruction:

  • Vacuum & Air Purging
  • Headliner Cleaning
  • Dashboard, AC Vents, Gauges
  • Console & Cup Holders
  • Steering Wheel & Column
  • Door Panel Cleaning & Dressing
  • Carpet Stain Removal & Extraction
  • Seating Surfaces Stain Removal & extraction
  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
  • Vinyl Cleaning & Conditioning
  • Weather Stripping
  • Cracks & Crevices
  • Seat Belt Cleaning
  • Plastic Cleaning
  • Door Jambs & Dog Legs
  • Windows, Window Tips & Mirrors
  • Final Inspection
  • Place Paper Mats / Plastic seat Cover
  • Thank You Card / Business Cards
  • Ask For the Review

2023 Seminar Dates & Registration

  • Mar 4th, 2023 - Mar 5th, 2023
  • May 20th, 2023 - May 21st, 2023
  • Jul 8th, 2023 - Jul 9th, 2023
  • Sep 9th, 2023 - Sep 10th, 2023
  • Nov 4th, 2023 - Nov 5th, 2023

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