Become A Licensed Professional Car Detailer

Thru Detail King Express!

When starting and operating a new car detailing business having the competitive advantage is critical. Becoming a licensed Detail King Express professional car detailing business owner will provide you a plethora of benefits that will drastically help you acquire customers and crush your competitors. If you are looking to have your own business where you get to work from home, set your own schedule, control your financial future, and create a better life for you and your family, then you have come to the right place! Nick Vacco, our CEO makes it is life’s purpose to mentor his students so they can be successful with their new venture.

  • The Ability to Use the Detail King Express Logo for your branding and advertising

    This will show your prospects and customers that your business is part of a bigger picture and build credibility in your marketplace.

  • Discounted Business Start Up Packages

    Your choice of 3 car detailing business start-up packages that include the popular and necessary detailing products and detail equipment to help meet your needs and budget.

  • We Build You a Custom Branded Mobile Responsive Website

    Having a modern web that is mobile responsive with great SEO tags, titles, descriptions, and the ability to easily publish short videos and google reviews will keep your brand front and center! Let the professionals build your web site and we will make it stand out!

  • Detail King Express Authorized Licensee Banner or Sandwich Sign

    We design you a custom heavy duty sandwich sign for mobile operators or a large custom designed banner for shop operators. The design will contain your logo, tag line, QR code and of course the Detail King Express authorized licensee logo.

  • 500 Double Sided Glossy Business Cards

    Your business card is your calling card and should display your logo, tagline, phone number, email address, and website on the frontside. The backside will list your services and an area for date and time of appointment.

  • 500 Glossy double sided flyers

    Our graphic designers will create a professional branded glossy flyer that will display your mission statement, detailing services, pictures, content, a bio about yourself, certificate of completion picture and other relevant content to help promote your detailing business and acquire customers.

  • Customer Relation Management Tool (CRM)

    This Application will enable you to easily manage your customers and prospects by having access to several key features including Online Booking, Automated Messaging, Employee Time Tracking, Payment Processing, Scheduling Jobs plus many additional productivity features to help run and grow your detailing business.

  • Biweekly Authorized Licensee Zoom Calls

    As an official Licensee, you will have the ability to join our biweekly Detail King Express Authorized Licensee Zoom Calls with the other Licensees, Nick Vacco, and Zach Youngquist. This is a great way to ask questions, share ideas, continue learning and increase your business skill set.

  • Social Media Marketing Training

    Besides assisting you with the implementation of your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube social media channels, we will review these platforms monthly to assure you representing your brand and engaging your prospects and customers effectively.

  • Monthly Digital Newsletter

    You will be automatically subscribed to the Detail King Express Newsletter. Each month you will receive an update on new products, service tips and tricks, and marketing venues. We will feature various licensees and their successes including the newest licensees that recently joined the Detail King Express family of licensees.

  • Business & Hands-On Training

    It is critical that you have the proper training when starting your car detailing business. Our training will include an entire day of both hands on and business training at our West Coast or East Coast training facility.

  • Ongoing Email & Phone Consultation

    We are just a phone call away to answer any questions that you may have about running your business. Whether it be a technical, product, marketing or management question we have over 38 years of experience and can help you make the best decisions when operating and growing your car detailing business.