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Why Choose Detail King Car Detailing & Coating Training Center In Southern California?

Nick Vacco has been educating entrepreneurs on how to start, operate and grow successful and profitable car detailing businesses since 1999. His auto detailing training seminars and business classes has helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life control their own destiny. Being professionally trained will greatly shorten your learning curve and reduce costly mistakes that new entrepreneurs tend to make when starting and growing their auto detailing businesses. Being a Detail King Certified Detailer thru Nick Vacco will open new doors and create additional profitable opportunities.

If you cannot make it to our Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating Training Seminar in the near future, but still have plans to start your car detailing business soon, consider purchasing Nick Vacco’s 125 page, 22 Lesson Car Detailing Business Guide: “How To Start, Operate, and Grow a Successful & Profitable Car Detailing Business.” This guide covers everything (plus more) that Nick teaches on the 1st day of the live seminars both in San Clemente and Pittsburgh. This guide is the “Car Detailing Business Bible” for all new and even veteran car detailing and mobile detailing business owners. Learn More & To Order Nick’s Start Up Guide.

Separate your business from your competition by becoming a Detail King Express Authorized Licensee. A unique service opportunity, easy to set up and operate, small investment and overhead, huge repeat business potential and have total control at your fingertips. Quickly separate your detailing business from your competition, increase your skill-set and show your customer base you are part of a much bigger picture by becoming a Detail King Express Authorized Licensee.

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Most professional auto detailers are great craftsman but lack strong business and marketing skills. During the first day of our auto detailing seminar Nick Vacco who has owned and operated successful auto detailing businesses for over 38 years will teach you what is needed to start, operate, and grow a successful and profitable auto detailing business.

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Being a trained and certified professional car detailer thru the Detail King Car Detailing Training Seminar Center will expeditiously help you acquire more customers and create profitable NEW revenue streams. During the hands-on training class on Sunday, you will be taught the proper methods and procedures including the wash & prep, paint correction, how to apply ceramic coatings, and so much more. We also offer an optional Interior Cleaning and Detailing Class on Monday morning following the Sunday Exterior Paint Correction and Coating Class.

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Every car on the road in your town is a potential revenue stream for you! My 22 lessons, 125-page guide not only advises what is needed to do to start and grow your detailing business but how to acquire customers and keep them coming back. Download it or order the printed copy today and learn from the very best!

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Read what recent students have said about our auto detailing training seminars at our San Clemente California Training Center. These students have taken both the business training for auto detailing professionals and the hands-on detailing training classes. Reviews and testimonials are really the best way to know how past students loved what they learned. We are proud of our student reviews; they speak the truth!

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Be sure to check out what the students are learning and saying about their experiences at our seminars. Watch the most recent Technician 2 Day Seminar & Detail King Express videos recorded at our high-end detailing, coating and PPF facility in San Clemente CA.

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The Detail King Express Authorized Licensee Program is full of features and benefits to help you grow your auto detailing business and separate your business from the competitors. Besides being able to use the Detail King Express Authorized Licensee logo in your advertising, the program includes a professionally designed website, business cards, flyers, banner or sandwich sign, social media marketing training, and weekly business strategy conference calls. As a Detail King Express licensee, you will be able to purchase the famous Detail King products at a discounted cost.

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Learn How To Start, Operate & Grow A Successful & Profitable Car Detailing Business

Nick Vacco’s Startup Guide: How to Start, Operate & Grow A Successful & Profitable Car Detailing Business is perfect for the new entrepreneur or seasoned professional that wants to start take their detailing and coating business to the highest level. My guide is available in a digital version or a 125-page 22 chapter hard copy operations manual. Some of the topics I discuss and teach are: Operating Mobile or Shop Location, Naming Your Business, Creating a Logo, Establishing a Website Domain, Business Structure, Know Your Costs & How To Price Jobs, Permits, Licenses and Establishing a Business Bank Account, Accounting Practices & Accepting Credit Cards, Emailing & Text Messaging Your Customers, Hiring & How To Compensate Employees & Sub Contractors, Equipment & Supplies Needed, plus so much more!

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Day #1 Business Training

Nick Vacco, founder and former CEO of Detail King and Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute in Pittsburgh, PA has been educating and mentoring individuals how to start, operate and grow successful car detailing businesses since 2002.

At the Detail King Car Detailing Training Center in San Clemente CA our 2 Day Technician Program will teach you what you need to know to Start, Operate & Grow a Successful, and Profitable Car Detailing & Mobile Auto Detailing Businesses. Read and listen to what past students of have said about our 2 Day Technician Seminar Program in Southern California.

Most of the 1st day of the 2-day training weekend you will be learning what is needed to start and grow your mobile detailing and car detailing shop business. We will teach you proven Customer Acquisition methods to build a large loyal customer base and how to keep them returning for maintenance and ceramic coating details. We have mastered the art of Social Media Marketing and will teach you how to acquire new prospects, convert them into Customers and keep them engaged with your business.

We will teach you how to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Tik Tok. Sending Text Messages and E Mails to your past customers and new prospects is vital to keep them informed about your Brand. We will show you best practices and how to get the phone to ring from the texts and E mails that you send them.

Many car detailing business owners are good craftsman but lack strong business and marketing skills. The 1st day of the seminar we will focus on how to sharpen your business skills and teach you what you need to know how to Upsell & Cross Sell your more profitable services, convert Suspects to Prospects, Prospects to Customers, Customers to Repeat Customers and how to get referrals.

Getting referrals from all your happy customers is critical to your success. We have a proven method to help you get a constant stream of referrals from your customer base, word of mouth has always been the least expensive form of advertising!

Running a profitable and successful car detailing business can be challenging as your business grows, we will show you the tools needed to help you automate your tasks. Your typical day may consist of checking in new customers, cross selling and upselling you’re detailing and coating services, taking calls from new prospects, sending reminders to past customers, following up and nurturing leads, scheduling appointments, creating invoices, and collecting payments.

Having a great CRM (customer relation management) tool just for the auto detailing owner/operator is critical and we will review the various CRM tools that are available to you. As the detailing business owner, you want a system that will send lead follow ups, schedule jobs, text customer review reminders, help manage inventory, keep track of sales and profitability.

You will need to know what it costs you to operate your business on an HOURLY BASIS being that it is a service business. As a business owner you will have both fixed and variable expenses every month. Nick will show you how to add up all your overhead expenses and convert them into an hourly cost. Not only will you learn what it costs to operate your business on a daily basis, but it will also assist you when setting up you’re pricing and providing estimates for over-sized vehicles like super stretch limos, over the road haulers, boats, RV’s, busses, cube trucks and motorcycles.

Having an accounting software system for your car detailing business is imperative! You will need and want to know how the financial health of your business is doing on a weekly and monthly basis. Are you making or losing money? Many small businesses when they start out today does use an accounting software system. We will show you why it is important to have an easy to manage accounting software system like QuickBooks for small businesses.

Most of your sales will probably be credit card transactions. We will show you the features that Square has to offer besides processing credit card transactions. Use Square to schedule jobs, send appointment reminders, review sales statistics and many other features that Square has to offer the small business owner including payroll services.

Having a professional website for your detailing business is imperative to grow your business. Nick will review the more critical components that your website should have and provide you the tips and tricks on how to get your website ranked organically on the first page of Google.

Having strong page titles, descriptions, keywords, content, images, videos and customer reviews will keep your website front and center for your prospects and customers to easily find you online. Until your website gets ranked high on Google’s organic search results you will want to consider advertising with PPC (pay per click) ads. Nick will also provide Google PPC strategies during this session.

Day #1 (Detailing Business Training) of the 2 Day Technician Seminar will be in a classroom setting with a PowerPoint presentation. We will provide everything you will need including a training binder, tablet, pen, and several marketing documents. Day #1 is held on Saturday; the class starts at 8:30AM. A complementary continental breakfast will be served both mornings and includes Starbucks coffee, muffins, and fruit juice. We will also provide a complementary hot lunch each day and cold bottled water will also be provided throughout both days of the seminar. When taking breaks during the Business Training you will be able to check out our Detail King Express high-end detailing, coating and PPF shop in the lower level of our facility.  Day #2 of our car detailing training seminar is all “Hands On” Learn More! The registration fee for this 2-day educational event is only $995, we now offer interest free financing!

If you are flying in from out of town to Orange County the John Wayne airport is located about 35 minutes from our training facility in San Clemente CA. There are several motels and hotels in San Clemente so finding clean and reasonably priced lodging will not be difficult. San Clemente is a very relaxed and beautiful beach town in Orange County. There are many cafés, coffee shops and 5 Star restaurants. The beach is only about 10 minutes from the training facility. The address to our facility is 920 Calle Negocio Unit C, San Clemente, CA 92673. Be sure to view the seminar dates for all 2023 Technician Car Detailing Seminars, request more information or to register!